Catch the Olympic Spirit, Try Speed Skating

Click here to see videos of our skaters at the 2010 Long Track Nationals

The West Allis Speed Skating Club invites you to join us in the sport of speed skating!  Our Club has a long history of being competitive at  local, national and Olympic levels. Above all, our goal is to provide an atmosphere where skaters can have a good time, feel comfortable skating at their individual level and work towards becoming the best skater they are capable of achieving. Expert coaching is available to provide the skills necessary to improve.

2011/2012 Team

WASSC 2011-12 Team

Front Row: Justin, Alexis, Carson, Nina, Lucia, Anika, Tennessee, Adam, Hannah, Ben, Audrey, Daniel
Back Row: Coach Al Johnson, Zoe, Jackie, Piper, Samantha, William, AJ, Julianna, Asst. Coach Vince Johnson

Missing: Jaque, Jonathon

2009/2010 Speed Skating Results

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